About Us

Cleopatra clothing ( the Egyptian cotton experts). was originally founded in 2010 as a small clothing factory and was only helping some factories in their over loaded orders to be shipped on time, then we stop operating waiting for another order to come from another factory, after few months we started producing our own brand in small quantities.

Cleopatra Clothing has then grown into a Manufacturing company in 2013 where we creat different high end quality of Children’s underwear only that made of 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton. Our highly qualified and well trained sewing technologists ensure the production of premium quality clothes.

Cleopatra clothing known and operate as PANTHER the second trading brand we used for our men and boys products. As Cleopatra used for women’s and Girls products. In our latest survey in our Egyptian market we found that 79% of male customers doesn’t except to wear men’s products under the name of cleopatra which’s female name. So we used our trading registered brand Panther for all our male products and we realised the huge sale in our men’s and boys products.

Through the years, CLEOPATRA CLOTHING has secured its Top relationship position with the top leadership in both the local & international markets with new products for men, women & children of all ages. All sold under numerous reputable labels & trademarks.

The long-term knowledge and experience Cleopatra Clothing possesses is used for constant product development, today, Cleopatra Clothing is specialised in Underwear, Men’s underwear and women’s apparel as well as we ready for producing for different retailers & brands in the national and-international market.

To meet our customers requirements and continually improve our products service quality Cleopatra Clothing is ISO 9001- 2015 Certified.


Perhaps one of our strongest points of strength could be attributed to the quality of employees and the latest machinery and equipment that we have in our production factory. Our latest machines and equipment also count towards our advantage especially when it comes to competing with others who utilise Egyptian cotton in their products.

The company CEO and management team will be bring their wealth of experience to the table and that is indeed a huge positive for Cleopatra Clothing Line. These are committed professionals who have worked with some of the leading international brand in the fashion industry.

Another strength held by the Cleopatra brand is the ‘Pure Egyptian Cotton’ used in their products, facilitating offering differentiation through product quality considerations. Supply of the material is secured under contract for the following two years with the largest Egyptian cotton supplier.

We are committed to taking responsibility, setting priorities & meeting our goals through providing technical assistance, using advanced technology, aiming at prompt delivery, accurate service & establishing partnerships with our customers.

Our strong and experienced executive leadership team focuses on implementing Cleopatra Clothing’s vision of reaching the top and making Cleopatra Clothing one of the names in the apparel world.